Another Dancing Bear Productions was founded in 1990 to provide businesses with marketing concepts — 
creative ideas that work for you and your company. Ideas that further your image, goals, values and strategic marketing plans. Ideas that reflect who you are and what you do, and then are transformed into really cool stuff with your name on it.

Our two principals have more than 40 years of combined experience in marketing and business. We serve businesses of all sizes: from small start-ups and non-profits to Fortune 500 companies.

About Our Name

As you can imagine, our unusual moniker does have a history. When Jonathan was in college all his friends called him ‘the dancing bear.’ This nickname came from a student movie he made based on the Randy Newman song, “Simon Smith and the Amazing Dancing Bear.” All those years ago, he promised himself that if he ever started his own business it would be named Another Dancing Bear Productions. And here we are.


Jonathan Stone is a former Tiffany & Co. executive with extensive experience in sales and marketing, a degree in urban geography from George Washington University and an energetic enthusiasm for specialty advertising and promotions. Another Dancing Bear Productions is the result of his entreprenurial dream.

Jonathan is an active member of San Francisco’s business community. He consults with a number of non-profits about marketing and fundraising, has spoken at national and international conferences on these topics, and guest-lectured at various UC campuses. A life-long, passionate Red Sox fan (is there any other?), Jonathan doesn’t work during the World Series.


Mojdeh Kashfi left behind a highly successful former career as a financial analyst at Montgomery Securities to found Another Dancing Bear Productions with Jonathan. With an MBA and a solid background in business and marketing, Mojdeh appreciates the fun aspects of the business: helping clients come up with creative solutions to their corporate marketing and incentive needs.

Mojdeh’s work in the area of franchise development has led to many consulting assignments throughout the U.S. She is an accomplished Persian dancer, and has worked to preserve the integrity of this 5,000 year old tradition of music and dance.

How Do You Pronounce Mojdeh?

Mo, Moj or Moji are all acceptable nicknames.

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